Our convictions
“Accelerating transition towards a sustainable world”

The energy sector is at the heart of the great debates running through the European society at the turn of the 20th century. We believe that we have entered the “third industrial revolution” era. This revolution is changing drastically our ways of life, of thinking and deeply questions the economic model based on production and optimal depletion of exhausting resources. Our economic model is currently going through a huge global transformation and is having ripple effects in a wide range of sectors of the economy such as the construction sector.

How could it be otherwise when buildings account for 44% of the final energy consumption!


Successful transition requires construction and energy players to be accompanied in order to help them develop and implement strategies relevant to this new energy context. This will entail adaptation of professional practices.

The construction sector should therefore be considered as a whole; the design of buildings and equipment should not be separated from their use; cost cutting measures should always be taken into account. In doing so we will give the idea of sustainable city its full meaning.


Julien Lebourgeois is putting these issues at the heart of all its work. Its aim is to accompany its clients in developing differentiating strategies through its consulting activities and to provide operational support in implementing these strategies through its engineering division.

These two complementary activities enable our consulting firm to be involved at every step of the project – a factor that provides us with credibility and efficiency.