About us

We help our clients identify, build and quickly bring to market innovative solutions which constitute significant drivers of growth.

Energy and environmental issues

We assist our clients in identifying, recognizing and developping these two issues when preparing their offer.

Construction efficiency

We propose an approach at the design stage which will allow an increase in the efficiency of the building sites.

The role of Julien Lebourgeois is to assist the construction industry managers in innovation, energy efficiency & environmental issues and construction efficiency.


The construction industry and the energy sectors are at a crossroads; together they account for the key issues of the 21st century. They must reconcile sometimes contradictory objectives at the confluence of three constituent parts – social, economic and environmental sustainability.


The quest for innovative construction solutions is a major step to tackle the challenges that will shape our future. What is at stake is to enable industrial actors to reinvent themselves. Regarding the offer – the question is to adapt the solutions they propose both to the new energety context and to the fast-changing evolution of the market. Business models enabling faster dissemination, support and improvement of construction efficiency should also be reinvented.


Based on this belief, Julien Lebourgeois assists its clients to help them define and implement differentiation strategies relying on its own know-how in the areas of innovation, energy and in its ability to raise a wide network of experts in those fields. Clients are given specific help to adapt their solutions to E.U.’s recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive effective from 9 January 2013.


Our team consists of professionals from various fields with broad-based experiences – business, marketing, technique & technology, research, etc. – enabling a comprehensive understanding of the issues.