Our offer

Julien Lebourgeois is a strategy and marketing consulting firm.

Our aim is to help our client to master their future growth opportunities, to identify new opportunities, to rethink their business model and their innovation strategy.

“ Where there is a will there is a way”


Strategic partnership

The idea is to bring together players and to facilitate exchanges between partners who wish to pool their skills with a view to co-development of innovating solutions.

Acquisition studies

The aim is to help our client to rethink their business model through acquisition studies on innovative technologies or societies. To do so, we help them to find interesting targets and we analysis potential synergies between both companies.

Internationalization studies

We help our client to enter foreign markets. To do so we have affiliate consultants based on key european countries. They understand specificities of targeted countries (legal framework, actors, economical context..)


Innovation marketing

Exploratory studies

Before the launch of an R&D project, there is a need to validate the attractiveness of an innovating idea and to define what marketing specifications it should meet for its development.

Route to market

The aim is to define a relevant business model for solutions on the cusp of commercialisation

Construction Economics

Cost Benchmarks
We work with a company which make external job site studies for Contractors.

We help our client to assess cost-competitively of their solution.


Optimization Levers

We screen different costs items to see which could be optimized (cf. integration of energy networks) and see how our clients could we reach economic optimum.